What to expect from Reveal 2019.

Spanning 3+ years of solid design work, the graduates of 2019 have a plethora of projects from all areas of IXD. We've split them into three areas to create a 'zone-like' feel to this year's exhibition.

In each zone, you'll find 5 designers specialised for that area. Most will have projects from multiple areas, but have chosen that zone based on their 'strongest' project.

Feel free to try out demos, explore documentation and chat with students about their work. We're eager to hear what guests think about our projects and are always interested in pursuing ideas further!

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Apps & Games

  • Mobile Applications
  • Websites
  • Mobile Games
  • Video Games


  • VR
  • Physical Computing
  • Product Design
  • 3D Design


  • AR
  • App Design
  • Product Design
  • & More!