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BioID Hotels

An app based project that demonstrates how biometrics can revolutionise the hotel industry.

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Design Skills


Project timeline

The Brief

Using the design skills acquired throughout 3 years of the course, we were tasked to create an innovative idea that would benefit a specific audience. This acted as our first semester personal design project pushing us to think creatively and challenge us to develop our skillset further, applying these ideas to real world situations.

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The challenge

The project challenge was to create a biometric interface that could be used by hotel guests combating the traditional check in procedures. Many hotels still use check-in desks for all reservations meaning customers could face long waiting periods on busy days with extra staff working to speed up the process. This comes at a disadvantage to both the customer and the hotel. No guests want to be waiting in lengthly queues after a long day of travel, they want to get to the hotel and relax as soon as possible. On the other end, hotel's will want to keep costs at a minimum, and paying for extra staffing to deal with an influx of guests will cause more spending. The system this project devised would be a solution to both of these issues whilst using new, exciting technology alongside it.

The solution

BioID Hotels looks to tackle the problems set out in the challenge. It works as a mobile application with infrastructure behind the scenes coordinating the app/company with the hotels working with it. After partnering, each room's keypad is connected with BioID Hotels and when a new guest is ready for check in, a unique connection is made between that room and the user's account. They will then register their biometrics and through that connection, a copy of their biometrics will be linked to the room. Users can also search for events they might want to go to if they don't have an invite code.

Using this system removes the need for physical check in as users only need their fingerprint to access their room. Users also don't need to worry about being unable to access their phone, app or account on the day because of this. BioID Hotels also provides a central hub for the guest's stay. They can order room service, check the itinerary for the event and other things. This combines elements displayed in existing hotel mobile apps, but combining the biometric element allows the app to be superior to it's counterparts.

A demonstration of how the system works - the connections each aspect have and the key touchpoints of the system.