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Cold Reception

Motion Control. VR. Suspicious activity.

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The Brief

Cold Reception is a first person motion controlled virtual reality simulator, where the player takes the role of a receptionist working after hours at a shady, government run bio-experiment facility.

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The Project

When a containment breach occurs and the facility comes into lockdown, the player must find a way to escape before a loose experiment catches them. Although the experience is on-rails and movement occurs automatically, the player can manipulate elements of the world around them, through opening doors, using hand scanner and turning lights on and off. The idea was that interacting elements of the level would change the outcome and path of the game.

These controls make use of LEAP Motion, which allows the player to use their own hand movements in real life to emulate how hand movements work on-screen instead of using a keyboard or gamepad. The simulator is compatible with both desktop monitors and virtual reality headsets.