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Revolutionising the way people approach volunteering.

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Project timeline

The Brief

The goal for my final IxD project was to create a digital smartphone platform, encouraging citizens of all backgrounds to start volunteering, aimed for both current and potential volunteers.

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The project

The app offers a broad range of activities that cater for everyones interests, giving broken down information about the activity, as well as a filters feature which allows the user to only receive volunteer activities that works for their busy schedules and their preferences, as my research suggested that this was a problem that charities and volunteer organisations face. In addition, another goal of Go-Give is to help non-profit sectors and industries to raise more awareness for their causes and activities, to make citizens more engaged in their community and with the people around them.

As someone who regularly volunteers and with associates that also take part in the activity, I wanted to share the experience of ‘taking action’ for a cause you care about, by offering a ‘challenges’ feature, which allows users to create their own volunteer activities with other users of the app to get involved with, whether it being a real-life volunteer activity or a social media challenge.