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Project timeline

The Brief

It is 2019 and unfortunately there is still a stigma around mental illness. The goal of this project, for me, was to help break the stigma and create a tool that will help people to get the help they need.

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The project

There is a vast range of mental health illness so I narrowed it down to focus on different types of anxiety. I then narrowed it down further to students. Upon my research of anxiety I found that 85% of students admitted to suffering from anxiety with only 25% of students admitting to seeking help. 76% of students reported that if there were more ways of talking about their well-being that it would prevent them from dropping out of university. 28% then reported that they would prefer to use a phone based service to get professional advice.

The app has a range of features that helps focus on specific forms of anxiety. The first and main feature of the app is the Grounding Techniques that uses augmented reality and virtual reality to combat panic disorder, a Forum that combats Social Anxiety and Inspirational Quotes that helps combat GAD (generalised anxiety disorder). The entire app is based entirely on user research, from the features right down to the branding.