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Hear The Bigg Market

Using Audio Spotlight technology to revolutionise the Bigg Market, Newcastle.

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Project timeline

The Brief

For this brief, Northumbria University paired with NE1 with the aim of delivering an interactive installation to aid in NE1’s restoration of the historic Bigg Market. This project was a joint effort with my fellow student Josh Humphreys.

See it at Reveal 2019

The Project

The Bigg Market is an area of rich cultural heritage, and was once home to the Newcastle Winter Zoo, Town Hall, Market, and more. This interactive exhibit offers an unobtrusive and immersive way to explore the historic environment of the Bigg Market, using Audio Spotlight technology. The speakers, which blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment, use vibrations to project sound into a specific area, marked as sound circles. The sound is audible to those inside the circle, and completely silent to those outside it. Through it, visitors can explore the most iconic sounds of the Bigg Market. ‘Beacons’ provide information about what the user is hearing, and explain how the technology in question is working. They integrate into the existing environment by wrapping around the trees, making efficient use of the space. This project went on to be featured at Northumbria University’s Digital Disruption event and will soon be featured in the Baltic’s Bigg Ideas exhibition.