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Heart To Heart

App based project improving the experience of heart and lung transplant patients.

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Design Skills


Project timeline

The Brief

Heart to Heart was the culmination of research, app design, user investigation and video creation for a collaboration project with fellow student, Evan Bailes and the NHS Heartwood hospital.

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The project

The project goal was to provide a trimmed down, fresh and user friendly version of the patient information booklets that were given out to those who are preparing for heart or lung transplant surgery. Through research and patient interviews we decided the best course of action was to make the information readily accessible and informative but not an overflow of information.

Our solution was an app based device that could provide all the information required but in small, gradual amounts, divided up into readable sections that patients could access and learn about at any time, done in any order they wished. For example, a patient whos most immediate concern is for his/her family and how this experience can affect them and what is recommended to be done to make family life in the meantime easier and so on. That patient could read that section first, then provide feedback to their doctor by submitting a Green, Amber or Red response after completing the subject field to inform the doctor of how well they understood the section, this information can help shape the discussion at the next consultations if the patient had problems with the information provided on the app or had questions left unanswered and so had submitted a Red response. This would also count as feedback to the information provided app which can be changed to account for any difficulties patients might have experienced when reading, this is a welcome bonus.

All app features underwent testing and a video was created to help describe the app functionality in greater detail with commentary done by a close friend whos voice we decided was far more appropriate to use given the delicacy of the subject field and the tone of the video.