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VR technology that changes the way football fans experience matches.

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Design Skills


Project timeline

The Brief

In this brief, I was asked to use cutting-edge, innovative technology to resolve a design solution or engage with a new design problem. My deliverables for this brief are a working prototype, in the form of a physical prototype or a prototype video, and in a design document.

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The project

The exact subject material for the project is self-determined but the module content will embrace; visual and verbal preparation of design proposals, research and investigation; assessment of goals, audience, content and design requirements; prototype development and evaluation.

Using augmented reality, I have developed an experience called HoloTec for football fans within a stadium to enjoy live match, player and team statistics, giving users the opportunity to become their own football pundit. Before the match has started, users will be taken to their private HoloTec box and given their own personal pair of Microsoft HoloLens smart-glasses. Once set up, users can control information that builds excitement for the match such as head to head records, build up videos and overall statistics.

During the match, information will focus purely on the match being played by providing regular match updates, key match statistics and live replays so users never miss any of the action. After the game, users can reflect on their experience by watching the final match highlights and evaluate the overall match, player and team statistics. Overall, HoloTec combines the experience of watching footnall at home, with the experience fans receive within a stadium, creating the ultimate sports viewing experience.