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Howling Halls

Randomised dungeon crawler with genius level design.

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Project timeline

The Brief

My final project at Northumbria University, Howling Halls is a randomized dungeon crawler that mixes both linear and procedural level design into the gameplay; the main levels themselves run on a linear path, while procedurally generated rooms and items plug into the path and appear/disappear when the level reloads.

See it at Reveal 2019

The Project

As mentioned in the brief, the game uses both linear and procedural level designs. This means that if the player finds themselves in a level they have previously visited, the layout, items, rooms and more may not be exactly the same as they remember. The goal of this was to mix the replayability of procedurally generated games with the detail and depth of linear games.

The scope of the game provided multiple challenges, the biggest of which was finishing all of the assets in the game. As such, many of the 3D models in the game’s current iteration are untextured, although examples of randomization occurring is present and functional within the prototype, allowing users to see first hand how the layout of a level may change when replaying. The game lets players make use of a sword/shield combination and a crossbow; melee weapons giving weak but infinite uses, and ranged weapons giving strong but limited firepower.