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Motor Resort

A VR game designed to improve motor skills for those with DCD or ASD.

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Project timeline

The Brief

Motor resort was a passion project that was the result of a dissertation that I wrote earlier in the year that looked into the possibility of VR being used to improve the motor function skills in those with Developmental coordination disorder (DCD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). From my dissertation i concluded that the use of VR could indeed be used to improve motor function of those with DCD and ASD.

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The project

I carried on this project and decided to make a VR game with the primary focus of improving the motor function skills of those with and without motor DCD and ASD. The game itself is a low poly tropical island environment setting that is homed to three different games, all focused around improving a different area of motor function.

The first is a series of buzz wire games, that focus on hand eye coordination and fine motor function skills. The second island has a series of planks that an individual must traverse and that they must reach out to collect stars along the way, with a strong focus’ on spatial awareness and balance.

The final island is a series of horizontal and vertical climbing areas, which the individual must get from one side to the other, these focus on improving the gross motor functions and hand eye coordination.