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Bite Back

Bite Back is a company that is focused on to encouraging and promoting a healthy lifestyle; not only through eating or exercising but enabling you to have an all round healthy routine. The website is a place to do your shopping that would be delivered to your door by the driver would be the same every time you shop, giving you a familiar face each time that you could build a relationship with. There would also be features included in it such as themed competitions in which you can enter, vote and win prizes for things such as money off your next shop.

The website would also be personalised to you. By inputting your information such as family members, ages, dietary needs etc. the information would then be collected and used to give you suggestions on what to eat and new products that we in season etc. When inputting your information, you would also put in a budget for how much you plan to spend a week on foods. This would again then suggest the best foods that fit what you what but also fit into your budget at the end of the shop with a £5 waver each side.

The app is designed to link in with the website, having the same look, feel and design. A food diary is the main focus, allowing you to input the foods you have eaten during the day and keep track of how many calories etc. you have eaten. Exercises are also available, like on the website, to use and add to at home and on the move. The app will also link to the website, meaning whatever changes you make on the app, it will save to your information next time you log in online.