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HMV Mix is a new interactive table for the chain of HMV Music Stores. The table not only allows users to immerse themselves into their music or films, but it aims to completely transform the music store environment altogether.

Users are not only able to view music videos, access album info, read reviews and watch trailers through the products they place on the table, but they are also encouraged to discover new music and movies by placing either two CDs or DVDs on the table. HMV Mix will then recommend other albums, artists, and films that are similar to those two products.

Using ‘Near Field Communication’, it’s not only products that can be placed on the table, but loyalty cards can be used to view personal recommendations based on purchase history. Additionally, customers are no longer required to buy a physical copy in-store, they can simply place their smartphone alongside their favourite CD and download the full album instantly.

More importantly, HMV Mix aims to revolutionise our experiences in-store by providing customers with an experience that they cannot receive online. HMV Mix makes music more social - listen, talk and discover new sounds with friends or alone.