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Racon is a B2C service application that enables businesses to create more engaging interactive advertising and promotional campaigns such as the HMV promotion of Michael Jackson’s Xscape album example below. It also allows small businesses with small budgets to have a mobile presence without the expense of commissioning an individual application, as Racon makes it easy for paying businesses to setup their own iBeacon profiles to connect with consumers. whether it is to advertise a product or service, function as a mobile menu or to guide them around a shop to purchase items.

These screens are for ‘Cafe De Vie’ which allows customers to order food and drink

This is an advertisement for Michael Jackson’s new album at HMV where user can preview tracks and download the album

This is the grid layout for the clothing shop ‘The Eye’ this is the best layout to sell products of aesthetic value. Consumables require more descriptive previews to provide ingredients

This is a welcome ‘card’ for ‘Nancy’s Bordello’ which is displayed when a customer returns to an establishment as Racon remembers your favourite meal or drink whenever you return to an establishment.