For years, the GUI has been the most common way to use a computer, recently even VUI and TUI are widespread. Each has advantages, but our race to the future has left the most fundamental method of controlling a computer behind, leaving many users using the same apps, the same way, every day, over and over, afraid to branch out or even delete a file.

Terminal changes all that by making the command line friendly, utilising the strengths of the GUI to help users find and construct the commands they need visually, with a jigsaw mechanism to force correct syntax and natural language translations for error proofing. Users will learn about how their computer works and will be able to fearlessly make the most of mankind’s most powerful tool.

Of course, while a great way to teach a code language, it doesn’t give users a reason to use the language in the first place. Luckily Terminal integrates with other software, using it’s strengths to complete actions impossible through the GUI… Mark all emails by by a certain user as read? Check. Download and rename all images from a webpage? Check. Variable dependant brush controls for graphics tablets? Check. Command line able to compete with modern I/O? Check.