Showcasing a collection of work from our final year students on Interactive Media Design. A collection of UI / UX Design, Experiential & Physical and Narrative & Games shows the scope of what the students study here at Northumbria University.

The course equips the students with the skills to design the next digital innovation. Smartphones, games consoles, tablets, laptops and smart watches all use interfaces and applications designed by talented graduates who have studied on this type of course.

The students are faced with creative challenges that will develop their critical interaction and visual design skills. Ultimately, allowing them to learn how to turn creative ideas into immersive and engaging interactive experiences.

Through project-based learning and industry links with large international corporations such as Intel, Microsoft, Ericsson, Orange and Unilever, students will get to develop a network of contacts and a wide range of real-world experiences and practical skills.

Over their three years of study students have had the opportunity to work with Virgin Money on a brief to create the next bank experience. Some students also worked with Swisscom in Switzerland, involving five universities across the world, each bringing a different skill to the project. This project to create a new product for the LoRa network. Each student also had the opportunity to work collaboratively with the other two year groups on a brief with Audi, creating a vision for a car experience.

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