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An innovative promotion for recycling in cities.

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Design Skills


Project timeline

The Brief

The first semester brief encouraged us to tackle real world issues with IxD devices. I decided to create a mobile application that promoted the usage of recycling with 'smart bins' located across Newcastle City Centre.

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The project

With climate change and pollution becoming an ever-growing problem, being considered as ‘one of the biggest threats to our planet and to the human race’, as well as more energy consumption taking up our natural resources, I felt that it was important to design a solution where ALL citizens are able to take part in looking after their environment and maintaining a cleaner community, through the use of a smartphone app and a smart bin, which is able to monitor how much recyclable waste has been disposed.

With Re-Hustle, users are able to locate smart-bins in their town or city, and are able to recycle plastics, metals and card/paper. Once they have recycled an item, the app will show the user how many ‘currency points’ they have gained in their user progress and use the points to claim various rewards. Acting as an incentive for citizens to care for their environment and start cleaning up, as much of my background research explored what motivates citizens to do good for their society and wanting to feel valued and rewarded to start caring.