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Revolutionising travel experiences with AR.

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Design Skills


Project timeline

The Brief

I decided to investigate people’s pre-travel experiences as there are many common problems that people go through. There are many existing apps that offer solutions however require users to download them separately. I was able to gather insights that helped me generate useful solutions which tailors to various audiences.

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The project

Solar provides users with non-mainstream holiday suggestions, easy booking services, packing checklists and allows them to store important travel documents. I also wanted to include a way of further engaging travellers with the app and provide AR experiences. An AR portal which people can use to explore and browse through different destinations at the comfort of their homes before booking a trip.

I am pleased to have developed an AR Travel app and how much it will help travellers with their stress but also immerse them to different parts of the world. With a touch of a button users can now discover a new place and book without having to put much effort into finding more information.