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Demonstrating the impact of schizophrenia through AR.

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The Brief

Mental illness- a problem that affects many individuals but remains little understood and is often treated as a subject which is difficult to discuss. It should not be seen as ‘normal’, but something people do not fear, judge or discriminate against.

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The project

Public opinions changes depending on what they see on media and on screen (, 2018). If one is not ill themselves, it is probably difficult to understand the internal experience of an illness. Crossing Borders is a concept applied on augmented reality technology to enhance learning experience about mental health and illnesses.

The goal of this project is to reach out to schizophrenia sufferers by enlightening society about the illness, fix the mislabeling, language, stereotypes and to reduce the stigma associate towards it. Users will be able to learn and experience what runs in the mind of the schizophrenia sufferer’s mind and how they deal with it in a daily basis. The data collection for the project was qualitatively focused, based on the patients' description of their psychotic experiences focusing on sensory perception alterations (auditory and visual hallucinations).