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3D Holograms breathing life into Newcastle's Bigg Market.

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Design Skills


Project timeline

The Brief

Working along with NE1 Ltd, the company aims to regenerate one of Newcastle’s forgotten sites, the Bigg Market.

See it at Reveal 2019

The project

Partnering with Franz Pancho, the brief was to create design concepts on waysto restore the area’s heritage as well as the city’s economic fortunes now and into the future. VOX is a seamless approach to captivate individuals and crowds in exploring the exciting pinpoints of the Bigg Market during its prime. It was inspired by the Winter Zoo built in Bigg Market during the 1960s. The Winter Zoo’s presence has brought a significant impact to the area as it generated crowds and visitors each day.

VOX showcases spectacle holograms of any sort such as the Winter Zoo animals. Work developments include user, market and technology research, prototyping, cost and material considerations, user testing and feedback, etc.