Nkusi Alain Clement


2D Interactive Projection Mapping: IMD Promotion

The aim of the 2D interactive projection mapping is to showcase a multitude of skills acquired by IMD graduate and talents they possess by showcasing their various innovative projects, to encourage aspirant students to enrol for the course and acquire the technical skills and knowl- edge that are highly desirable in highly competitive Media Industry.

Objectives of this project are to creates a breathtaking audio-visual immersive experience via 2D Interactive Projection Mapping to the users and audiences, to stimulate their imagination and creativity through visual art display, as well as to promote what Interactive Media Program offers to its students and graduates.

The user interacts with the installation using TouchOsc application (available for android, App store) which is used to select audi and MIDI tracks in Ableton to trigger video in Modul8 which is mapped onto the surface using MadMapper.