Amy Nelson

Sound Lab


My intention for this project was to create an experience for human interaction to be visualised into organic shapes created by a viscous liquid. I wanted to show the close affiliation of colour and sound but more so in the unique forms that the liquids take shape, from the different frequencies of sound.

The project was highly experimental, testing different liquid viscosities with specific sound conditions: frequency, volume and audio genre. I chose to use a Korg Kaossilator, for the ability to quickly change between high and low frequencies and see there effects and also the electronic drum kit for 3 main reasons. Drums are a universal instrument therefore they need know explanation how to interact with them, they are a platform which hundreds of different sounds can be produced by them and finally because the pressure sensitivity of the pads means that the potential shapes created in the liquids has a direct effecting factor caused by the user themselves; increasing the immersion to the project.

Due to the projects versatile nature I can see it being applied in many a fields in sound design, performance and also sensory learning for Autistic children. There are 3 primary learning styles: Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic, these all play a part in a child’s development but more so Kinesthetic, as this is learning through the manipulation of an object or physically doing an action and getting a response. As the child then has made a change through his/her doing they understand and learn better, this is proven to be a very effective learning method for an Autistic child. This project actually combines all three of these learning styles as well; therefore this could be a learning resource in any school for any child.