Bryn Taylor


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Weel is an application that revolutionises the way you organise and view your photographs on a mobile device. It provides a fast, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing way to navigate through your image library. You are initially presented with two options: the creative side or the logical side, each boasting their own specialised features. The logical side allows you to filter your image collection by dominant colour, photo subject and by time, while the contrasting creative side sorts your library by associated hashtags, number of faces detected and by GPS co-ordinates relating to your current location. Switching between the two sections is a simple task, merely tap the Weel logo and you can change sides. The speed of Weel’s navigation stems from the sophisticated and unique circular interface; the snaps are presented in ‘photo wheels’. Each photograph in the wheel represents a specific category whether it is a month of the year, a colour of the rainbow, or a group of hashtags. For the times when you know you snapped a particular photo in July of 2012 for example, but no further information is known, you can tap the ‘view all’ button while in the month of July. Tapping this button will change the view to an endless, overlapping vertical stream of your images for you to clearly flick through.