Claire McGuinness

Divergent: An Interactive Installation

My Final year Project was inspired by the novel Divergent. Over the last year I have fallen for dystopian novels and films and desperately wanted to create a dystopian inspired installation. I would describe this installation as a prototype for an interactive film. The user interacts with the installation using a Wiimote by pressing the corresponding buttons when prompted.

I have taken the basic story from Divergent to develop my Interactive Installation. Due to the scope of the book I was unable to include all of the content I would have liked. I have created alternative endings, allowing the user to have more control over the story, despite the story being linear.

The interactions were initially designed for the ‘Kinect’, however as I was unable to use this, I have utilised the ‘Wiimote’ instead. This is because I wanted to stay away from screen-based interactions to create a more immersive piece.

“Decades ago our ancestors realised that it is not political ideology, religious belief, race, or nationalism that is to blame for a warring world. Rather, they determined that it was the fault of human personality—of humankind’s inclination toward evil, in whatever form that is. They divided into factions that sought to eradicate those qualities they believed responsible for the world’s disarray”.

― Veronica Roth, Divergent