Clive Wright

The Chromesthesia Project

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For a given few it is just a day to day occurrence. To others, chromesthesia is an elusive concept that is hard to comprehend or experience without the use of narcotics.

The Chromesthesia Project allows us to relate to synesthetes by letting the user enter an experience based upon sound induced colour vision. Data is captured from an EEG headset and converted into MIDI that is, in turn, used to control DAW and DMX; immersing the user in a world of brain controlled sound and light.

Colour relates to the note played which in turn relates to the level of brain activity of the wearer. Attentiveness produces sharper pitches and colours whereas more meditative states will produce the opposite of lower tones of sound and cooler relaxing colours.

A mask is used to house Digital LEDs that produce light close to the wearers face simulating the effects of chromesthesia. And DMX lights accompanied by an external screen allow for spectators to witness the data levels and colours the wearer is experiencing along with the sound.