Dustin Roxborough


Sound Prism

Sound Prism allows for collaborative experimentation with sound and the creation of music. When contained, the portable device takes the form of a triangular prism. Lift the lid and the three vertical sides of the prism, once magnetically released, lie flat offering a choice of three instrument controls: Keys, Drum Pads and Synthesizer.

Each panel hosts a variety of sensors from plain buttons to potentiometers and light dependent resistors. The 'Keys' panel employs capacitive sense to trigger notes. The 12 metal plates (brass and copper) are each wired to the Arduino board, so that when you touch the keys the electronic signal is interrupted. A note is linked to each key within a program stored on the Arduinos.

Within the pyramid at the center of the device, lie the Arduino boards (the brains) along with speakers and battery power. The on/off switches for each instrument are positioned underneath the facing speaker grills.

The triangle and its escalation in the form of the prism and the pyramid are powerful symbols representing the creative, collaborative possibilities of the device. The logo defines further the multi-faceted experience the device offers.

Initial testing has been positive with users appreciating the zero latency feedback and overall versatility and variety of the instruments presented. I hope to study the user interaction and experience using the device further by carrying out in depth user testing.