Greg Watts

The Walking Dead: Wildfire – The Interactive Comic Book

For my final project this year I have illustrated and created an Interactive Comic Book. As you read through and interact with the story, you will need to make certain decisions, each of which have different consequences and responses for the characters. These decisions might range from a choice of speech bubbles to picking up and interacting with objects in certain scenes of the comic book. The story is based in the world of The Walking Dead, the award winning series comic books by Robert Kirkman.

The idea originally came about after watching the film ‘Big’ with Tom Hanks, when his character suggested this to the toy company that he was working for. The story will be based around the characters of Merle and Daryl Dixon at the start of a global zombie apocalypse, two characters that are in the television series but not in the original comic book series.

With an accompanying ambient soundtrack and sound effects, the idea is to make a comic book reading experience more immersive.