Lola Corral

Handy Colours

Motion sensors are booming, so what better idea than to use them for other applications that are completely different from what now is being considered. They are very small in size, affordable and have a performance level with great potential. That is the purpose of this project. A 3D colour picker.

The 3D colour picker as its name suggests, is a colour picker based in three dimensional space. This is a new way of looking at digital colour. Viewing colour in all its dimensions one is able to observe a new perception of what it really is. A different way rather than moving the colour sliders to understand them.

This project uses the MPU-6050, a 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope to make a colour picker whose main part is a RGB cube. With 3-axis gyroscope the cube rotates freely around the screen according to the orientation of the physical cube. Moreover, we have 3-axis accelerometer capable of recognizing movement in all three axis, therefore it recognizes gestures in three dimensional space. What is displayed on screen is directly related to how one interacts with the physical cube. That is, if you turn the physical cube, the cube moves digitally in relation to it. If the cube is moved in one direction the axis also moves according to the movement.