Santosh Rudra


Project Tri-Aqua is an initiative to reduce our unsustainable consumption of water. Having a water meter installed and paying for what we actually use could work out cheaper than fixed rate bills. However having a means of keeping regular tabs on water usage without constantly having to check the meter to try and calculate how much it is costing us would be very beneficial to many households.

Tri-Aqua is a water consumption-monitoring device through data visualisation. Based on the size of a household it can tell the user/s within what range their consumption is. This range or efficiency scale is based on the energy ratings chart system, and the data of consumption is taken from market research done by Ofwat.

The prototype demonstrates how the device would visually display the data depending on how much water is being consumed; the tap head can simulate this. The interface comprises of an inverted triangle, which is symbolic of the Alchemist sign for water, and it is curved so it can function like a spirit level, with the bubble indicating its position along the scale.