Sharon Gibson

Great Gatsby: Augmented Reality Book

The Great Gatsby Augmented Reality Book final project was inspired by the classic novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. When coming up with the idea, I wanted to take inspiration from a previous project, but give it more of a purpose. Through my research I decided to look at existing problems with regards to classic literature, and what resources were available as learning tools. I wanted to focus on a small group of people to create the book for, knowing that reading can sometimes be an issue for those with learning difficulties I wanted to try and come up with a solution which would help make reading books, such as The Great Gatsby, less daunting and more fun. I wanted the book to look like the 1920's era stylistically, but also include mixed media so that it gave the book more interactivity with sound and video elements. The book is broken up into sections according to chapters, each chapter has a summary to the left and an explanation to the right. This helps to break down the book into it's simplest form and make important sections easy to remember, along with the use of the visual aids. The service is intended to work through cameras on iPads and smartphones, the idea is that when the book is scanned the augmented reality content would be revealed, allowing the users experience of the book to be enhanced, and hopefully help the user understand and remember the text effortlessly.