Stephen Morris

NU Library App


NU Library is an app that users of the library service can use to immerse themselves through interaction of its functions to engage more with the facilities available. In addition users can manage their accounts more effectively using the profile to view their details and keep up to date on their account and course reading materials where ever they go.


Using the search and refined search functions, users can find materials in the catalogue and online.


Using NFC / RFID tags users can interact with books to get information about the scanned item. The app can be used to interact with materials provided by the library such as posters, information points.


Reviews enable users to know more about an item and gain more confidence in choosing books for studies. Users can use reviews have the ability to engage.


Manage your account more easily including loans, fines and course reading materials whilst being mobile. Using ‘Lists’ users can manage their favourite items to refer to later.