VR project by Adam Pitt

    Scope of work:

  • User experience design
  • Prototype
  • Service design

About the project

A new service that allows users to customise and personalise Nike Sneakers within a Virtual Reality environment.


The brief for this project was to choose a form of technology and create a service, system or product that is on the cutting edge of the chosen technology. I had to research the technology and look into where the technology is currently at, and where it may be heading. To tackle the problem, I decided to divide the project into two halves across two semesters. During the first semester I worked on the conceptual side of the project and created a mock-up prototype that showcased how my idea could work in the real world. The second semester was spent refining my idea and creating a working version of the prototype that was fully functional.

Nike DESIGNR brief imageNike DESIGNR brief imageNike DESIGNR brief image

Development process

For my project I investigated the technology of virtual reality (VR). The prototype that I produced combined VR technology with my own personal interest in footwear and the customisation of shoes. I styled my project as a service by Nike that would allow users to customise and personalise existing models of Nike shoes in a virtual reality environment, with a tangible element to enhance the user experience. The concept however, could be used to to customise many different products from a vast array of brand.

Nike DESIGNR process imageNike DESIGNR process imageNike DESIGNR process image

Final result

From the brief for this project, I was asked to identify a specific area of technology that is on the rise. As huge, globally known brands such as Audi making virtual reality product customisers for their cars (as a concept). I think it is perfectly reasonable to think that other companies will follow suit in the future. In terms of my project as a prototype specifically I am confident in saying that I achieved the desired outcome. Starting the semester with no knowledge of Unity or virtual reality technology, I produced a system which allows a user to walk up, put a headset on, and customise a product within a virtual environment, without any prior knowledge of how it works. Overall I am extremely happy with the work I produced for this project.

The following playlist of videos shows my finished prototype in action.

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