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Experiental project by Adam Wilsom

    Scope of work:

  • Prototype
  • Brand

About the project

A shoe for the visually impaired, which vibrates to warn the wearer, when an object is near to them. The closer the shoe gets, the harder the vibration is.


Create a sensor-based interface to allow users to interact with an audio-visual environment. This could be based on a physical- computing model using tools such as the Arduino system or a motion-tracking experience using the Gesture and Media System “ From the outset I was fascinated with the endless possibilities that came with Arduino. Although my skills were limited when it came to using Arduino, I felt I needed to push my self for this project.

Development process

This shoe will allow individuals who are blind/have a visual disability to be able to walk around the streets knowing they are safe. Using an ‘ultrasonic range finder’ and a ‘3V Coin Vibrator Micro Motor’, the shoe will sensor when the individual is in close proximity to a curb, wall or any other object that might be in their way. The small coin vibrator will emit a small vibration as to the closeness of the object, giving the user enough notice.

The target audience; visually impaired individuals, will be able to walk around with a sense of freedom and safety.

Final result

The goal at the start of the project was to create a shoe in which would help the visual impaired feel safer when they are walking in the streets. I feel that I have successfully met my goal because the final product, “Step”, allows any user to walk around in the street, knowing full well they are safe. The sensor tracks any object that is within 50cm in front of the user, giving the micro motor enough time to vibrate and making the user aware.

Result- 1st

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