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App project by Bradley James Smith

    Scope of work:

  • Logo design
  • Brand identity
  • Advertising materials
  • Research
  • Web

About the project

Disclose focuses on bringing people back into the dance scene with the attempt of gaining further knowledge and style guidance. As well as understanding what it is like for young DJ's making their mark within the industry.


Your task will be to create and design an on-line magazine using the Wordpress platform. You will be required to create content for a major feature on a subject relating to one aspect of your chosen creative sector. You should adopt the attitude of an investigative journalist to really bring out the best in your story. Additional content can be aggregated from other existing websites but you should ensure that any authors are properly credited and that your Magazine is aimed at a specific target market I.e you should first identify who would be likely to read your Magazine and then investigate and apply marketing strategies and tools that you could use to encourage user engagement and customer loyalty.

Disclose brief imageDisclose brief imageDisclose brief image

Development process

Throughout the project, I set myself goals that I could follow allowing me to focus on what was important as well as meeting the deadlines.

I began by narrowing down my target audience and developing my concept to make it strong enough for people to give me feedback on it. Once I had gathered my feedback I then looked at WordPress and the variety of possible routes that I could go down in terms of style and appearance.

After selecting my theme and downloading the correct plugins that would allow me to build on my wireframes I tested the prototype to gain valuable feedback so I could make the right changes.

Disclose process imageDisclose process image

Final result

Overall I was happy with the outcome of the project as I felt that I produced a positive and engaging WordPress site focused on the underground dance scene. I feel that showing the cultural side of the dance scene made my project stronger as it gave people more information on the genre and allowed them to explore the variety of clubs that are available.

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