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Hybrid project by Bradley James Smith

    Scope of work:

  • Prototype
  • Research
  • Communication concept
  • User experience design

About the project

From the beginning of our project, we both decided to focus on UVB treatments in the comfort of users homes, that allows them to monitor their progress as they go. Overall allowing patients to maintain their daily routine and not feel uncomfortable in their skin.


Develop a design solution that utilises 'advanced textiles' (fabric that has been enhanced by new technologies) to improve wellbeing or the quality of people's lives.

We were asked to explore the world of advanced and smart textiles, and to find an application where their use can offer a significant benefit to the user, or even society as a whole. And how can textiles be used to keep us safer?, Support our health and well-being?, Help us communicate?, Transport us faster? and Reduce our environmental impact?"

LUMO brief imageLUMO brief imageLUMO brief image

Development process

We outlined our process through a project plan which allowed us to pinpoint the key areas that we needed to focus on, these were Refinement, Design, R&D and Marketing.

Once we had these areas outlines we then started to dive deeper and look into the skin and why it reacts the way it does. This was really interesting as it was something I had never looked into before and it allowed both of us to expand our knowledge.

After gathering our background research we then planned our visit to the hospital to gather the first-hand experience of dermatologists and nurses as they were experts in the field of skin.

LUMO process imageLUMO process image

Final result

Overall both me and Nathan were very pleased with the outcome of Lumo, as we learnt a variety of information that we both had never looked into before. It was very interesting to learn about the different type of psoriasis as well as the effects it has on people.

The biggest result for both of us was to get a working prototype which we adapted multiple times to suit the user's needs, then finally taking it into the hospital to gain feedback from dermatologists and nurses.

The way that Lumo solves mild to mid cases of psoriasis is done by allowing users to use the treatment in the comfort of their own homes as this was one of the biggest boundaries that we faced, due to people not feeling comfortable with their skin.

review design document
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  • LUMO result image
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