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Hybrid project by Bradley James Smith

    Scope of work:

  • User experience design
  • Prototype
  • Communication concept
  • Research

About the project

Orb is a stand-alone product that uses Arduino and Processing to help people with early to mid-stage dementia capture and share their memories within a friendly environment.


I set myself a brief creating a new device to represent the future of healthcare for dementia. The audience is targeted towards people who have mild to medium cases of dementia, and suffer from communication issue, feeling socially withdrawn and memory loss.

Orb brief imageOrb brief imageOrb brief image

Development process

To gain a better understanding of my users I decided to interview real people who have dementia as well as their families and friends. This allowed me to do an in depth research analysis as I got to research and test with real users.

After my research stage I then moved on to prototyping so that I could test and make important changes that were needed to make my project stand out from the competitors.

Orb process imageOrb process image

Final result

Overall the out come of Orb was how I pictured it to work even though I didn't get the technology to work how I expected I adapted my idea and made it available to test. By using Arduino and Processing I was able to get Orb to work as a fully working prototype, which allowed me to do detailed user testing giving me very beneficial feedback.

Orb solves the problems with communication issues , feeling socially withdrawn and memory loss as users can view, listen and get drawn in by the use of colour. Which helps focus and make the memories stronger allowing them to open up in conversation.

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  • Orb result image
  • Orb result image