App project by Dominic Lobban

    Scope of work:

  • UX Design
  • Branding
  • AR
  • Interface Design

About the project

A user-driven challenge platform to provide new incentives to the skate community, including a powerful AR campaign to add to the challenge.


As the last opportunity to design something was entirely up to me, I chose the industry of skateboarding to study. I spoke to over 20 real skateboarders around Newcastle throughout the course of the project. Up until this project, I had studied how to solve problems through my designs. What I quickly discovered was that skateboarders simply love every aspect. Yes they fall off and bruise and get angry, but that makes the feeling of landing a trick so much sweeter.

I had to create something to simply emphasise the beauty of skateboarding. I couldn't make it perfect weather to skate in every day, or provide friends to skate alongside users every day, or could I?

Rise brief imageRise brief image

Development process

I initially began considering a digital companion that would teach beginners how to skateboard and perform different tricks. This companion was originally a projection, before I considered Augmented Reality. This is where the idea for a new app platform developed, teaching people to skate as well as provide a community feed where latest achievements can be shared.

After the reaction towards a digital teacher concept, it was apparent that this wasn’t a suitable use of the AR feature. Instead, I shifted the AR element towards a new social campaign that enforced the challenge and excitement of skateboarding. The content within the app put emphasis on challenging each other around the world, creating inspiring content and interactive challenges to build up a skater profile.

Rise process imageRise process imageRise process imageRise process image

Final result

A modern user interface that provides added incentive to skate. The experience is about progressing in the sport, and inspiring each other through competitive challenges.

The ‘home feed’ is a social place to enjoy all skate related media, including polls and questions. The ‘trick database’ provides insightful help to learn tougher tricks, with clear visual indication of progress. The ‘challenge’ section shows active challenges, and helps the user filter new challenges to accept based on their skate level. The profile page aims to deliver a visual summary of the user’s journey in a fun and stylish way, aiming to inspire other users by viewing their milestones.

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