Mac Modified

Hybrid project by Emily Wilkinson

    Scope of work:

  • Service design
  • Ui design
  • Ux design

About the project

This was my final project, creating a new service for Mac Cosmetics, titled ‘Mac Modified,’ created to encourage custom in store.


Because this was my final project, it was a completely open brief, with the aim of engaging with a new design problem and communicating a solution in the form of a prototype.
This project was originally driven from a person problem I encountered whilst shopping for makeup. I noticed a lot of customers testing lipstick directly onto their face and this made me raise a question of how unhygienic really are makeup testers?
After a lot of research I created a concept of an augmented reality makeup try on station which allows customers to see what the product would look like without actually having to try it on. After creating three initial concepts I asked looked back at the problem I was encountering and decided my solution was not strong enough. I decided I was focusing too much on promoting a hygienic shopping experience; it was portraying makeup testing as a negative thing.
After looking back on my retail research, one main problem stores encounter is because more and more people are shopping online, stores are losing custom. This is where I created my final concept, introducing an iPad application that allowed customers to view their augmented reality makeover, before receiving their real one.

For my final prototype, I ended up merging the two services together to create one service ‘Mac Modified’, which included Mac Modified ‘Personal’, the virtual makeup try on station, and Mac Modified ‘Assistant’, the iPad application used by Mac makeup artists to modify customers virtual makeover.

Mac Modified brief imageMac Modified brief imageMac Modified brief image

Development process

As I began this project, my aim was to use Unity software and use the plugins for face tracking which are available. However, after experimenting, I realised usingthe plugins would limit me to how I could design the interface, which was my key focus. From this point I found another solution, which was to create video mockups of myself using the interface and trying on different looks. My final prototype for ‘Mac Modified Personal’ was created in After Effects.
The design process I went through to succeed in this project was to ensure I conducted thorough user research and testing throughout. This allowed me to define my users and create realistic user journeys in which my service would be used. View my design document to see the full process of my project.

Mac Modified process imageMac Modified process image

Final result

My final project solution included two assets, my virtual try on stand, which I mocked up to trigger a video once a makeup product was placed down using arduino and processing code. Also my Mac assistant iPad, where the prototype can be viewed from the following link:

review design document