Pawl Smart Sitter hero image

Pawl Smart Sitter

Hybrid project by Emily Wilkinson

    Scope of work:

  • App design
  • Service desgin
  • Branding

About the project

This project was my third year personal project 1, titled ‘Pawl Smart Sitter’. The entertainment system that distracts your home alone dog from causing mischief using smart technologies.


My task was to investigate what is happening on the cutting edge of my chosen technology and to design a video prototype of my chosen concept.Like any brief I began by defining my problem, who were the users and what their needs were. In this case I looked at dogs who are left home alone, with the key user being the owner who doesn’t want to come home to a huge mess!

Pawl Smart Sitter brief imagePawl Smart Sitter brief image

Development process

Initially I set out this brief looking at pet health devices and ways to keep your pet fit, after a lot of competitor research I realised that this is already a hugely covered topic in the product and app design world, I wanted to create something slightly different.
Therefore I began researching into pet training where I came across an interesting topic of what happens when you leave your dog home alone? This is where I came across devices such as PetCube and Cleverpet, however these current products on the market entertained the dog, but what was there to stop him from causing mischief?
This is where I came up with my concept, the smart dog sitter, Pawl. Pawl is an on wall device, which blows bubbles, sprays a calming diffuser, has a tog TV and throws treats. Each of these functions came from my primary research I undertook throughout this project.
The idea behind Pawl is dogs like to cause mischief if they know their owner is not watching, and from my research I found that they often repeat the same naughty thing each time, this could be sitting on the sofa they know they aren’t allowed on or unraveling the toilet roll.

Pawl Smart Sitter process imagePawl Smart Sitter process image

Final result

This is where I introduced Pawls smart sensors, the idea is for the owner to place sensors around their home in places their dog is not allowed, once the Pawl collar gets to close to these sensors, an alarm will trigger on the Pawl device to distract the dog from doing what it was about to do. A notification is then sent to the owner’s application on their phone while they chose what function for the device to do.
To mock up my prototype I decided to do an animation to make the whole product light hearted and fun. My final animation I created the illustrations and completed it in Adobe After Effects.

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