Interactive Showroom

Experiental project by Harry Doolan

    Scope of work:

About the project

For this project I decided to create a projection mapping interface that allowed the user to customise various sections of a car using a midi interface (ipad). I wanted to create something that could be used in a car showroom as a sales tool.


The purpose of this project was to look beyond the limitations of a computer screen and explore the possibilities of sound and visual design through various user inputs.

Development process

After fine tuning my initial ideas and evaluating my research I realised that there was a lot of potential in the projection mapping area as far as sales and customer experiences went. I wanted to develop an Interactive Showroom that allowed the customer to customise the colour of both body and wheels.

Final result

I feel like from the start my idea was very exciting and promising. My research helped me nd out that their was a lot of room for projection mapping in the car industry and that my idea could actually become a very useful tool to boost sales and gain customers attention.