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Tesla Interface Redesign

UX/UI project by Harry Doolan

    Scope of work:

About the project

The tesla model s has a 17 inch touch-screen that displays navigation, media and car controls.Based on teslas current interface I have designed a module interface that uses responsive resizable widgets that are also customisable and replaceable based on the users desire.


The purpose of my redesign is to improve the outdated look of the interface and provide the user with a safer and more entertaining experience. I feel that interaction design in the transport industry is not as up to date as the transport themselves.

Development process

The biggest part of development was finding the most efficient routes for users to get from one part of the application to the next. Refining user choices with prototype testing really pushed my application to the next level.

Tesla Interface Redesign process imageTesla Interface Redesign process imageTesla Interface Redesign process image

Final result

Overall I feel like I achieved my design goals and ended up with a practical interface design that could benefit the tesla user. I feel like the module idea really worked out for me as I was able to really focus on efficiency and ease of use. One of my aims was to modernise interface design so I used a very dynamic flat design with a simple yet attractive colour scheme.