Experiental project by Jack Green

    Scope of work:

  • Interaction design
  • Product design
  • User experience design

About the project

For GeoMover I used both Arduino and processing to create an interactive quiz for use in a classroom.


The purpose of this experiential piece is to help reinforce facts and figures in a way which pupils can enjoy and get involved in. I believe students are more likely to remember these figures because of taking part in this interactive manner.

GeoMover brief imageGeoMover brief image

Development process

Creating an experiential piece meant a lot of trial and error was required in order to get the product working exactly as intended and as fluid and user friendly as possible. In the end the user benefits from a more engaging and intuitive learning experience, bringing a different atmosphere and learning environment to the classroom.

GeoMover process imageGeoMover process image

Final result

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and helped me further understand experiential design and how much it can contribute to a good product. Learning and using processing for the first time was fun and I think this area of the project went well for me. The live visuals were really responsive and engaging, which is exactly what the target audience would want. The game was also well balanced in terms of its challenge because it is being designed as an educational quiz you still need to ensure the player can still get the correct answer with not too much difficulty.