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App project by Jack Green

    Scope of work:

  • App design
  • User experience design
  • Prototyping

About the project

A service used by managers, players & fans to improve organisation, efficiency and data flow at an amateur level.


As a keen football fan and player myself I wanted to see if I could design something within this field, with a particular focus on amateur football. There were some key audience members to consider such as players, managers and those with a general interest in amateur football. Furthermore I needed to consider what kind of product could be of interest and help these key audience members.

Matchday brief imageMatchday brief image

Development process

Feedback was key in the design process for this project after initial interviews with the target audience and users, I conducted 4 stages of user testing to ensure a product refined and tailored for the user. This project benefits managers, players, fans and leagues by providing organisation, efficiency and a modernised system.

Matchday process imageMatchday process image

Final result

The final results is matchday, a system / product which improves efficiency and organisation. It eliminates the use of paper and old fashioned methods. The final product has been designed to incorporate the needs and requirement of all users.