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App project by Jack Mercer

    Scope of work:

  • Wordpress
  • Web Development
  • Web Design

About the project

A Wordpress website based on the topic of typography. Taking a bare, base template and creating a bespoke, responsive website.


The task was to design and create an online magazine using the Wordpress platform. We would need to create content for a featured article on the topic of the chosen sector. Additional content can be sourced from external websites but must be credited. A target audience should also be considered and the content should be engaging towards that target audience.

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Development process

When given the brief, I was very pleased that we were using the Wordpress platform as I have used it previously so felt very confident. With this being said, I still wanted to push myself and create a thoroughly engaging website with advanced features such as PHP coding, alongside the use of advanced plugins for Wordpress.

For the brief, I chose to create a website based on digital typography. By choosing to do a typography website, it would really test me to get the correct feel throughout through use of type and imagery. For the style, I chose to stick to a stripped back theme through and let the images deliver colour on the pages. Because of this, the brand was also based around grayscale colours.

When working on the Wordpress development, I really wanted to get in to the code and build each page myself. I coded the PHP page templates using a Bootstrap framework alongside PHP snippets to populate the content. One of the plugins used is Advanced Custom Fields which allowed me to create sections in the backend of Wordpress and then code in their snippets in to the PHP to show content on each page.

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Final result

The final result of the website is very successful. It met the original requirements from the brief as it is a full working Wordpress site. However, I took it a step further and built a fully custom website that features different design on each page, all built myself.

Overall, a very successful project that tested my coding abilities.

You can find the website at

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