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App project by Jacob Clayton

    Scope of work:

About the project

Hunt is an on-demand application for users to purchase clothing from shops in the their location with rapid delivery. Hunt makes browsing for a specific item quick and effective by searching through categories to help find your perfect item. Keep updated on the latest releases from your favourite stores and brands.


The aim of this module was to create a prototype and a design document of your chosen technology which solved a problem. To find a problem I looked into some current technology trends to see which ones was getting mainstream. After coming across on-demand services, I wanted to find an area which this service could be applied to. Looking into the clothing industry there wasn't much services for same day delivery which I saw as an opportunity. After talking to other people and being in previous situations this type of delivery service would be useful is desperate situations.

Development process

The process of using Hunt is very simple. once the application is downloaded the user is taken through a sign up process to find out specific details about you like favourite brands/shops, your location etc. Hunt is customised to suit each customer so they can follow brands and shops they prefer to keep updated on the latest drops which targets the younger audience who want to stay up to date. Finding an item is made easy with thumbnails of each category for the user to quickly search for a product. Once an order has been placed one of our delivery drivers will be notified and send on route to pick up order. In this time you can track your item until delivery. The service will help users who don't have time to buy an item from town for a party later, manage their time better.

Hunt process imageHunt process image

Final result

Overall Hunt has achieved professional prototype which meets its target audience. It helps solve the problem for users that don't have enough time to pick up an item as well as helping users browse all items in shops on one platform.