Experiental project by Jordan Hamilton

    Scope of work:

  • Prototype
  • Packaging design
  • Logo design

About the project

Emitts is smart gloves for electricals. Making electrical work safe and simple.


This was a collaboration brief where I worked with Liam to develop a design solution that utilises ‘Advanced Textiles’ to improve wellbeing or the quality of people’s lives.

Development process

To meet this brief, we had to begin by looking into Advanced textiles and wearable technology. Looking at the current market to find out what technology is already there we looked at numerous devices and their uses.

We looked at competitors, those who have succeeded and those who have failed. By doing this we were able to distinguish what customers want in their wearables. This also allowed for us to think about the opportunities we had with wearables. We found out quite quickly that there is an overabundance of wristwear in the current market.

Coming up with numerous concepts to improve the wellbeing and qualities of lives, we decided that our strongest and most interesting concept was smart gloves for electricians. We then looked at facts that showed us that electricians are still in the top 10 dangerous jobs.

We looked at the available technology for our smart glove then refined our idea of the Emitts. Making user scenarios and doing in-depth research this helped us refine the concept and features.

We then came up with the name and branding for the Emitts which we were very happy about.

We then made a prototype glove to show how each feature of the glove would work.

Once the glove prototype was finished, I then worked on the application which would be a companion to the glove providing more information and allowing the user to adjust settings of the glove.

We also had to make a number of design boards to showcase our idea.

Emitts process imageEmitts process imageEmitts process image

Final result

Our result to developing an advanced textile to improve the wellbeing of people’s lives was mainly focusing on those who will work with electricals. This could be electricians, DIY enthusiastic or tinkers.

Emitts is a great device for working with electricals making working with electrics safe and simple.

By introducing the Emitts with the companion application, the users can feel confident that the product will make working with electricals easier with the handy features whilst providing them with protection from electrics.

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  • Emitts result image
  • Emitts result image