RestARant rush

Ar project by Jordan Hamilton

    Scope of work:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Game Design
  • Logo design

About the project

restARant Rush is an augmented reality game to be played whilst customers wait on their food. Encouraging users to play whilst they wait on their food.


Investigate what is happening on the cutting edgeof your chosen technology. Who is doing what, howand why? What software/hardware is currentlyavailable and what are the strengths andweaknesses of competing products. Whatdevelopments are just around the corner? How hastechnology changed your chosen area of researchand the people who work within it? You arerequired to predict where your chosen technologymay be going, be able to suggest new andinnovative ways that your technology couldpotentially be used, and design a prototype todemonstrate your concept.

Development process

To begin the process of coming up with the solution restARant rush, I decided to look into the cutting-edge technology that is currently on the market. From this I discovered more information about augmented reality and how popular this type of technology is becoming.

I came up with numerous augmented reality ideas and was originally going to go with an augmented reality toy. However. When I started to think when a good time would be to use an AR game. Waiting in restaurants was a good time to play games as it will make waiting on food fun.

I then looked into the technology required to develop this AR restaurant game. I had to get familiar using Unity so that could use the tools to create AR content. I also used Vuforia to produce the AR project. I used QR codes so the user can scan this to download and begin playing the game.

It was then time to start developing the concept. For this I started to think name, branding for the game. I also sketched up the wireframes of the application so I could vision how this could look. When it came to branding I stuck to yellow and red as this combination of colours phycological makes people feel hungry.

I then started to work with Unity to get the QR and my contents working simultaneously.

The idea of restARant rush is that the user will download this application when they are sat in the restaurant, by playing this game they can compete against their friends and try to win discount and prizes in the restaurant.

restARant rush process imagerestARant rush process image

Final result

The result is restARant rush an augmented reality game that is to be played in establishments encouraging customers to play for fun and to try win some discount or prizes from the restaurant. By looking into cutting-edge technology, I was able to produce this concept and develop it using my design skills to be feasible idea. I was able to produce a prototype video explain how this would work.

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restARant rush result image