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Hybrid project by Luke Ward

    Scope of work:

  • UX/UI
  • Collaboration
  • Design concept
  • Service design

About the project

This brief was part of the CHI 2018 student design competition: 'ENGAGE'. The brief encouraged us to use human-centered design approaches to develop a new way to support, empower, or change the behaviour of a group around a shared area of interest.


I was trying to gain an insight into the process of migrating to the UK and how people found it once they had been granted residency. I am looking at it from the angle of social culture and how easy and settling immigrants are made to feel when residing in the UK and I found that Integration in the community, being lonely, connecting, xenophobia, fear, problems with the right wing media, finding out information and at first learning the countries culture and etiquette are very common problems.

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Development process

My solution to this problem turned out to be connecting like minded people with similar backgrounds and experiences, creating a service for meet ups and activities, creating a hub of information user generated and owner generated and compiling all loosely found web information into one portal.

MiGr8 process imageMiGr8 process image

Final result

This design problem led to creating a digital community / hub that embraces all immigrants/asylum seekers/new residents and connects them into one place that helps with the issues such as learning English, integrating easier, meeting other migrants to the UK, creating a forum/communication tool to be able to talk, create and inspire and also serve as a place that British residents who would like to connect with immigrants.

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