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Plastic beach

Hybrid project by Luke Ward

    Scope of work:

  • Web publishing
  • Service design
  • Brand identity
  • Visual Design
  • Graphic design

About the project

Creating a new identity: Plastic Beach is a fictitious new business operating in the UK. This concept encapsulates the idea of a mobile food truck.


The aim of this brief required me to design a visual identity and develop a website for a fictitious new business in Newcastle. The brief offered the choice of an organic food store, a trendy mobile food truck or a health and fitness club. The name of the business, its brand values, location and what it sells came down to me.

Plastic beach brief imagePlastic beach brief imagePlastic beach brief image

Development process

My main goals in this project were to create a unique and innovative discipline that challenges an already over populated, narrow food selection within newcastle, to provide a popular and credible new mobile food chain in the UK, to establish a presence as a successful food service provider and most importantly maintain the traditional values of life, love and happiness within our service.

Plastic beach process imagePlastic beach process image

Final result

The vision of this concept was to be something that travelled around the UK as a mobile installation and set up stall in particular areas. The idea of 'Plastic Beach' came from the idea of the food truck having its own artificial foundations that surrounded the truck and thus created its own little haven or zion that users could immersive themselves in.

  • Plastic beach result image
  • Plastic beach result image
  • Plastic beach result image
  • Plastic beach result image
  • Plastic beach result image