AR project by Matthew Chaplin

    Scope of work:

  • User experience design
  • Augmented reality
  • User interface design

About the project

An AR museum companion to feature inside The Great North Museum as an interactive companion to work with other exhibits.


To investigate what is happening on the cutting edge of technology. Look into what companies are using which software, hardware and products are being released on the global market to the public. What technology has changed your chosen area of research, design and the people who work with it? You have to predict where the chosen technology will be going, and suggest which innovative way that technology could be potentially used and create a prototype to demonstrate the concept and prove that it is viable.

Development process

During the end of my 2nd year at Northumbria, I found a video online on a plugin for Unity called Vuforia. Following this, I looked into how I would be creating something interesting over the summer break from university. Over this time, I had visited The Great North Museum where I had spoken to several employees and a curator on the future of technology within the museum. They had mentioned at the time that they don’t really have the funding for an expensive exhibit that involves current or a slightly more cutting edge piece of tech. When mentioning the technology of having an augmented reality companion or addition to a series of exhibits, the curator I had spoken to had really enjoyed the thought of a companion to feature alongside an exhibit.

DISCOVAR process imageDISCOVAR process imageDISCOVAR process imageDISCOVAR process image

Final result

Prototyping through the time of this project really stretched my skills out due to the fact that this is the first time I had attempted something like this. Due to my nature of wanting to take risks in my designs, I really enjoyed the thought of creating something that in the history of our course hasn’t been created before.

  • DISCOVAR result image
  • DISCOVAR result image
  • DISCOVAR result image