Sage One

App project by Matthew Chaplin and Adam Pitt

    Scope of work:

  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Guidelines
  • Prototype

About the project

A redesign of the Sage One product for use on mobile. Created for both employers and employees in mind.


Introduce a concept for the next generation of Sage One employee management and payroll software. Identify the key user needs, based on the given scenario, consider a number of features and solutions, then determine which are the most desirable to users.

The solution should be fresh thinking and get the most from the latest technology and combine multiple features into a central, easy to use service. It should work for both an employer and employee perspective. The solution could be an app, website, a physical computing solution or any of these combined.

Development process

During our research phase, through the heavy amount of user testing and identification of user needs we produced a mobile application that used the Sage guidelines.

The scenario that was set for us we have solved as best a solution as possible. We introduced a series of features that meant a business owner didn’t have to spend a large amount of time on managing the frustrating part of their business such as managing their staff and keeping track of which employee is paid and how much they have been paid.

As the brief also mentioned that the app could be used as both an employee and employer. Due to this, we interviewed and did user testing for both employees and employers, we identified key user needs and problems with the current platform that Sage offer.

Sage One process image

Final result

Producing the app for the end user has progressed us greatly as designers, we are happy with the final result and when speaking to Sage, we feel we have produced a professional running app.

  • Sage One result image
  • Sage One result image
  • Sage One result image
  • Sage One result image